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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I get for my entry fee?

A: Each team is guaranteed 5 games over the course of the tournament, a Fall Brawl T-Shirt, a gift bag for the players, a fun tournament and medical attention if so required.

Q: Where is the Fall Brawl?

A: The Fall Brawl High School Lacrosse Tournament will take place at Kent State University Dix Stadium Sports Complex and the surrounding facilities.

Q: Why should I attend the Fall Brawl?

A: Simply to have fun playing the game of Lacrosse! Although we invite collegiate coaches to attend the event, we do not intend this to make the tournament a hostile environment. It is our intention to give the athletes the opportunity to show off their talents, and also to interact with some different coaches. In this way they may see if Lacrosse is a sport they wish to pursue at the next level.

Q: Do I need to be a member of US Lacrosse to participate in the Fall Brawl?

A: No, the Fall Brawl is intended to be a fun event, and is played in the 7 v 7 format.

Q: Is there medical attention at the tournament if it is needed?

A: Yes! There is a certified training staff on duty during the entire duration of the tournament.

Q: Are there 'REAL' officials at the Fall Brawl?

A: Yes! All of our officials are certified local officials.